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this movie is so accurate.

Top 5 reasons why sitcoms are dog shit.

1. The laugh track
2. The jokes and the puns are lame as fuck.
3. The laugh track laughs at the stupid jokes and puns.
4. It reminds you how the 80’s was awful because of the laugh track.
5. And The fucking laugh track!!

You: “ you said laugh track 4 times. ”

Becuse I fucking hate the laugh track!
Why the fuck do poeple use them, they suck!.

You: “ they use them because the viewer will most likely to laugh when they hear other people laughing. “

Bullshit. A little kid would ever laugh at this pile of crap
They never work! Only dumb adults think sitcoms with laugh tracks are funny, like my sister.

You: “ hay! You can’t talk about your sister like that! ”

Who gives a fuck, what she doesn't know won't kill her.

You: “ it would kill your sister respect for you. ”

It was already dead, and she hates anything fun, like Newgrounds. So I’m safe.

Anyways, the only setcom I like is iCarly, but all sitcoms sucks.
I really like the animation and art style of this movie, it’s beautiful, and I love the characters voices but everything else about this movie is shit. Because it’s a setcom.

You can’t use laugh tracks to make a joke funny, the viewer need know the joke is funny and you can't force someone to laugh at something that is not funny, it’s wrong.

*mic drop*

And lastly, cartoon comedies are not sitcoms because they are actually funny.

Andyl4nd responds:

*cue audience laughter*

this is boring.
nothing is happening,
and it's not sexy

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this is basically a sonic game.
except this is actually good.

Amni3D responds:

Hey, a bit rude! There's plenty of good Sonic games, way better than this, I'll tell you that much.

I'd tell you to try Sonic Runners, but SEGA made the amazing decision of making that always online, and shutting down its servers. I'm glad you like it, but nah man, there's Sonic games *way* better than this.

kick him in the dick!

this game is so boring. there's nothing to do.
this should not be called a game if you can't lose

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konami dammit deviantart!!

You: " hay! don't say the lord's name in vain! "

she looks better then the normal Peach

hell yes! that ass!

hello, hello, i'm a stop motion animator, i like to make movies that are fun and stupid but i really like to put my movies on this cool website.


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