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I'm back

Posted by Nicholas-Williamson - June 16th, 2019

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you mess me😎

You: " fuck no "

What? Rally? I've been gone for 2 weeks.

You: " yeah, 2 weeks is not that long and some of my favorite animators have been gone longer and some of them I never see again. "

Ok… anyway, I want to ludden, France and Amsterdam in the UK and it was the longest 2 weeks of my life. It wasn't boring but it was long. Like my dick. 8========D


You: " shut the fuck up "

there was a lot of birds and I love birds!


I saw some cool stuff, I learned about stuff that I will never use and I walked a lot and I saw the best play in my life, it was " The Book of morons ".

You: " what?! "

Mormons! The book of mormons. I was going to say that. And I love that play.


You: " that's good for you, but no one is going to give a shit about your holiday. "

I know… I just to tell you the things you should know before going to London.

London is basically New York/ Lost vagos.

You: " are you going to make fun at London!? "

Maybe… yes, yes I am.

This is my


     Number 1, They are both tourists traps.

They both make money by selling there ctap to idiots like you. You will see stores everywhere. They have  history that you don't care about. Half of the population there are tourists that don't live there.

    Number 2,  They are both advances as hell.

How can people buy the shit shit they have if they are 100s of $/£. they are ripping you off but you still buy it. And it's too adventurous to live. I'm poor as fuck, so i can't live there or go there.

Note  (I'm not that poor but I hate spending on advance crap.)

    Number 3, The hobos.

There are homeless people everywhere you see. Up, down, left, right, there are so many and it sad to see them, and it's more sad to see the with dogs, and it's really sad. Homeless people can belly take care of themselves, how the hell can they take care of their pets!? Its sad.

 Number 4, The subway.

Everybody use the subway, everyone, the subway is the best way to get to places fastest.

Number 5, The poeple smoke.

So many poeple smoke! 50% of the poeple smoke there.

 Number 6, They are both citys.

I know is dumb to say this but it's true, that are big citys that poeple like to go and I'm out of ideas.

You: " what the? You did 6 reason's . "

Oh… my mad.

You: " are you going to fix it? "

Nah… anyway, if you life in New York, you been to London. And if you life in London, you been in New York.

Now, I'm going to talk about France.

All I'm going to say is there is a lot of homos and black people, so be careful.


You: " what the fuck!? "

It's a joke.

Anyway, there is a lot of gays, it should be called the city of gay.

probably because it's pride month, but there was still gay poeple before pride month because they were wellcome there. So if you're friend tells you that France is the city of love, there probably gay and he/she will want to fuck you if your the name grinder.

You: " fuck you " 😡

Its pride mouth so I'm allowed to make jokes about gays and you can't get mad at me.

You: " I don't think that how it works? "

Anyway, at the Eiffel Tower there are black guys that will try to sell little Eiffel Tower toys but do not buy them. They are working together to will try to pickpocket you faster then you can say " hay, where a my wallet? ".

But I didn't lose my wallet.

You: " who told you this crap? "

My uncle.

Just to clarify, I don't hate gay poeple or black poeple. In fact, I forgot to tell you this but I have a black friend. So you can't be mad at me


You: " this is so sad, do you have real friends?"

This is a real friend

You: " human friends! "

Yes I do, but that's all I can say because I don't want poeple to know where I live.

In Amsterdam there a lot of drugs and sex stores A lot of sex stores and there's hookers and I show some of them and they are hot.

And I never went inside the stores and I may never have sex.

All you need to know is the poeple there love drugs and fuck.

You: " ok "

Anyway, I'm back and I'm going to try to make movies and art this summer. But I can promise nothing.

You: " well… for what is worth, I'm happy your back. "


You: " nope "